Idle Ants Colony – Simulator brings the strategic, incremental, idle, clicker gameplay of the wildly successful mobile game into a 3D world with new underground strategies and extra features!

A caveman who laid the foundations of human history! He is Discover Fire, Hunting and Cooking. He improve him habitat. Do you want to lead the caveman in this aim? For a livable world in the fastest way!

Fun, addictive and very good Idle Basketball game. Improve your character, unlock the moves and show off in the tournament. Be the best basketball player! Idle Basketball is an endless idle game. Discover new skills to improve your character!

Ants; disciplined hard worker! But digging new nests in a game is not that boring! The routine work of ants has never been this fun! Rule a colony of hundreds of ants! Enjoy the digging game pleasure in 3D in Ant Digging Idle game!

Do you want to play world famous compositions on piano? Would you like to experience a great piano idle game where you can improve your character’s skills and customize your piano? Idle Piano is for you! A game made to make you feel in a dream world as you immerse yourself in the rhythm of the music!

A seductive, addictive, immersive idle clicker RPG game for everyone. Destroy the titans that invade the world by taping on the screen and improve your character with the massive gold you earn. Summon and strengthen your heroes by using the massive gold you have earned. Multiply your power as a team.

You may have heard of shredder machines! They have a power you could not even imagine! Now you have such a machine of your own. You will be able to improve your machine and shred hundreds of different, difficult-to-shatter objects. You can even create a factory and earn income by shredding countless objects.

Improve your character, unlock moves and increase your soldier’s rank. Be the best and strongest soldier!

Idle Soldier is an endless idle game. Discover new skills to increase your rank!

Meteor rain that will cause end of life. Before the meteors reach the earth, you have to smash them in the air. Smash powerful meteors by discovering superpowered advanced weapons. Your mission won’t be easy when it comes to the boss meteor! Lock on your target, don’t give up and smash all the meteors! Save lifes!

Pottery! The production phase may be the most pleasurable thing in the world! Fluid clay, shaping, firing and painting. All of them are more enjoyable than each other. And imagine you rule a pottery factory! You will improve all its stages. You will both produce new pots and improve the factory. So what are you waiting for, play Pottery Idle!